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Is it your goal to develop yourself to your full potential?

Most managers have a formal qualification in their field of occupational specialization, like finance, marketing, production, engineering, human resources and so on. They also stay on top of new developments in these fields of specialization by attending seminars, conferences and reading up on subject matters in technical publications. However, as managers, who also fulfil a leadership role, they do not necessarily stay on top of management and leadership principles in the same manner.

Normally, in order to comply with the law, you must earn a relevant driver license to drive a vehicle on a public road in any country. If you want to become a doctor, you must first earn the relevant qualifications to get your license to apply your skills in the medical profession. Likewise, if you want to become an engineer or lawyer you must first earn your qualifications by formal studies and pass certain minimum standards, before the relevant degree can be bestowed on you, as your license to operate in your particular sphere of expertise. If you aspire to become a Supervisor, Manager or Top Level Manager, you must also earn your relevant license to operate in such positions, the same way that the drivers, doctors, engineers and lawyers do. Otherwise, you can never claim to be a career professional as a Supervisor, Manager or Top Level Manager, as you will be trying to drive a section, department or organisation without a proper license.

The importance of management education, management development and management training cannot be over-emphasised. Whether the knowledge about management principles is obtained through formal study programs at Universities or internally through on the job training or through external seminars or programs, it is of the utmost importance for any person in any job in life; even for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, Kings, Presidents of Countries, the richest people in life and even the lowest level of jobs. Management is about being efficient, while leadership is about being effective.

No single degree or program can give you all the management and leadership knowledge you may need. It is a question of never-ending continuous education, whereby you constantly take stock of your present knowledge base and compare it to what is needed in order to identify the shortcomings. You must then try to attend those courses, which can fill the gap in your knowledge base.

A general lack of management and leadership skills in employees can be detrimental to any organisation. Lack of management skills can lead to poor decisions, disheartening of employees, lower productivity, lower profits and in the end also be responsible for increase in poverty and increase in the unemployment rate.

There come times in one’s life when one have to ask the question: “Where am I going?”.

Where Are You Going? by David Allan King:

“Do you know where you are going? I mean, do you know where your life is headed for right now? To be progressing towards our goals in life we need to be focused. We need to know where we are going and to have at least some idea of where we are on the journey.
The trouble with most of us can often be that we try to travel in the fog or in the dark without a light to show the way forward. I am pretty sure that most people, including you, asked these questions, would not be able to give a clear answer. And maybe at times I am in that category too!

There are often options open to us which blur the picture of where we are going. Lack of focus on our goal or goals can mean that our energy is dissipated and wasted because it is spread too thinly over several ideas or projects. In some cases it may be worse than this. Lack of direction can cause a sort of vision paralysis. We feel stuck in the place where we are, unable to move because we have no sense of direction.

Even worse than this can be the attitude which many have that life is just for living day by day and that no goals are necessary. This is a recipe for disaster in terms of any sort of real progress on the pathway that you are on this planet to pursue. If you are doing that, trying to be JUST a good something or other like wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, employer or employee, then you are under-achieving vastly and missing the mark.-You don’t know where the mark is or even know that there is one to be aiming for!

All of the above mentioned functions are important. But each one only describes what we are in ONE aspect of our lives. To take just one example, the woman who strives ONLY to please her husband and ignores her own needs for fulfilment and progress in life is stunted and will not grow spiritually or as a person. What we are to another individual is only one small part of our being, regardless of how large that part may seem at times.

So I ask the question again: Do you know where you are going? Do you know where your life is headed for right now? If your answer is in the negative (and remember, for most people it probably will) then you need to STOP AND TAKE STOCK of your life. If you continue on the way you are now you will reap no more than what you are sowing. Much more needs to be said about goals. Listen to all that your higher self wishes to tell you and do that essential stocktaking before another day, week, month, year or decade passes without significant progress or achievement.”

Many managers go into retirement without ever discovering the clear-cut answers to the management and leadership riddle, which will remain for them mysteries forever, but which do not have to stay that way for you, the reader of this publication.

One’s destiny is in one’s own hands and can be changed if one takes action before it becomes too late in a career lifetime.

See the latest additions for members of the Global Association for Managers, in the Google slide presentation below. It can also be scaled to full screen size:


The choices we make when we come to crossroads in our lives, determine our future fates.

Jim Donovan, author, published a book with the title that says it all “This is your life, not a dress rehearsal”.

Make the best of your career while you can, before it becomes too late. If you cannot see what’s coming, you may become the casualty.

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If one takes a look at how work is organised and delegated throughout an organisation in the business world and public sectors, by means of their organisation structures, it becomes obvious that almost all employees, on all levels, are organised under some or other group leader on the organisation chart, to whom they report. So, if one expands one’s knowledge on team leadership, it may well be the easiest and most rewarding skills one can obtain for career advancement, whether one is a seasoned group leader or someone aiming to become one.

As we all have only one relative short life we recommend that you take action as soon as possible.

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